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Why Choose Chiropractic?

In my first 32 years I have had less headaches than you can count on one hand. In October that changed and I developed a horrible headache that lasted a couple weeks with no let up. My headache was bad enough to effect my equilibrium. I went to my family physician that couldn't pinpoint a cause and was concerned that it was a brain tumor. At this time my dad recommended seeing Dr. Sullivan. On the first assessment she found an alignment issue in the top of my neck. Concurrently at my MD's request I had CT scan come back negative and both my MD and a Neurologist offering no further recourse than offering to prescribe something for the pain.

After the first couple sessions of adjustment I began to see relief of my headache. At first only going a few hours without to pain, to a day or two without a headache. I started with adjustments 3 days a week down to now once every three or four weeks as a maintenance program and I have been headache free for 10 weeks currently.

I probably would not have looked into chiropractic as an option as I was never familiar with it in the past, but after the relief it provided me and what I learned about the importance of bone alignment, I would recommend it to anyone with lingering pain issues.

— Alan Vochaska